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Ad companies’ role in anti-piracy

Piracy is still hard to beat but somehow it is being controlled, or copyright holders at least try. They work with entities that help them retrace copyright infringements. However, advertising companies also have a role in all this. They must take the responsibility to control where their ads are placed.

Content theft websites or sites that host stolen content broke the $200 million mark in ad revenues for the second straight year. The impressive turnout even included 40% of the sites that were no longer part of the study. It includes 7 of the largest sites that generate almost $45 million together.

This year there are more ads for premium brands than last year. These brands are the blue chip companies that are the drivers of economic activity. Revenues of about 5%-10% come from ads where you could download malware. The content theft websites made $10 million in estimate from ads which could infect the users’ devices. Basically, that’s how huge these websites gain from fraudulent activities and illegal streaming.

Business as usual

At the end of the day, business is still business. It is possible that ad companies think about what they can get in return. These file sharing sites gather thousands of website visits every day and the clicks that users make convert into earnings. But sometimes, these companies might not be aware after all that their ads are embedded on websites that host illegal distribution of copyrighted films. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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