‘Expendables’ producer blasts President Obama for being scared of Google

Hollywood mogul Avi Lerner called President Barack Obama a ‘coward’ for not being able to crack down on search engine giant Google over piracy. Lerner said, “It’s a major problem and it’s something that I don’t know if anyone can stop, because the government, the president, Congress are all scared of Google.” Read more

No internet subscriber is falsely accused in copyright infringement cases

Defender of copyright infringers Joe Hickster made it his mission to make people believe that movie pirates should not be penalized. In essence, he makes it seem okay for people to infringe copyrighted materials because they can get away with it. So basically, he’s one of the reasons why the entertainment business is struggling with piracy. Read more

HKTDC aims to attract globally, particularly the Indian entertainment market

China Media Capital and Warner Bros Entertainment formed a $1 billion joint venture last year to develop and produce films for global distribution. Now, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is targeting India; and this year, Kochi’s Indywood Film Market and Mumbai’s Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd had stalls in FILMART. Read more

Torrents Time poses security risks for users

Torrents Time is a file-sharing technology which enables illegal distribution of copyrighted materials, including TV series and movies. It is a computer installable program and a web browser add-on that is already integrated into two of the most popular torrent websites – The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. It lets you stream torrents if you don’t want to download a separate client. The plugin works with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Read more


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