July 15, 2015 me_charity

‘Baahubali’ will not be released due to theater strike against piracy

Karan Johar-SS Rajamouli’s movie ‘Baahubali’ which is considered to be the most luxurious Indian movie ever made this year will not be released on theaters in Kerala.

According to report, the Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation (KFEF) hinders the Global United Media in releasing the film in the state. The KFEF will go on a 24-hour strike for all theaters. This is due to the piracy issue of the blockbuster film ‘Premam’.

About 450 theaters are reportedly held in reserve for Baahubali, but due to the strike, not a single theater is available on the first day of release.

The issue on copyright infringement has been causing a domino effect on films such as Baahubali. It is disappointing to know that this might cause footfalls to makers who invested a lot of money for releasing the film.

Karan Johar and SS Rajamouli are expecting the authorities to take legal action regarding this issue.

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