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Big companies including Google and Microsoft sign anti-piracy agreement

Denmark’s Ministry of Culture‘s Memorandum of Understanding has five key objectives which the signed companies must abide to.

1. To help make the Internet a safe and legal platform for consumers and businesses.
2. To stress that copyright is an important cornerstone for growth and innovation.
3. To work together to reduce financial crime, based on copyright violations.
4. To work together to promote the dissemination of legal products.
5. To contribute to efficient processes that can help to reduce copyright violations and associated crimes.

Google, anti-piracy organization Right Alliance, MasterCard, Microsoft including local businesses were formed as a coalition to fight piracy and detect copyright infringements. They signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the issue of online infringement.

Memorandum of Understanding

Also known as ‘Code to Promote Lawful Behavior on the Internet’, this agreement is the result of Denmark’s efforts to defeat piracy. In a statement announcing the signing of the code, the Ministry said “The code reflects a common desire to make a determined effort to ensure that the Internet is a safe and economically sustainable marketplace. It will help to create better conditions for growth and innovation for legitimate businesses and security and transparency for the users.”

Although Google has their way of tackling piracy, it is too early to tell what the signatories are prepared to do and how far they are willing to go. However, having all these big players sign the agreement makes it a powerful move from Denmark’s Ministry of Culture. src=”” type=”text/javascript”>

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