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Florida online piracy bill heads to governor for review

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Senate Bill 604 just passed 78-38 at the Florida House on Friday last week, and is now on its way to Governor Rick Scott’s desk for review. The bill was created to fight back against internet piracy of movies and music, which requires websites that sell films and music to provide identification and contact information.

Supporters of the bill state that it’s a “consumer protection measure” that helps curb piracy and protects users from viruses, spam, scams and identity theft associated with illegal downloading in pirate sites.

Opposed parties from major internet companies express their concerns, with Google representative Justin Sayfie saying that “we don’t want to be deputized to police the internet” and Representative Jamie Grant stating that “we’re about to give judges for the first time ever the authority to regulate the internet.”

In response to the opposition, Representative Erik Fresen clarifies the bill, saying, “It’s not regulation of the Internet; it’s not some sort of Big Brother thing.”

Representative Julio Gonzales also added that it’s only “proper and appropriate” for people who have businesses to identify themselves to their consumers. The bill is backed by major movie and music producers, including the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and The Walt Disney Co.

“The governor will review the legislation when we receive it,” Governor Scott’s spokeswoman Jeri Bustamante commented.

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