May 9, 2016 me_charity

France sets stricter security measures for the 69th Cannes film festival

This year’s Cannes film festival has become uneasy for everyone since the state of emergency that France has been under due to Islamic State or Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacks that killed around one hundred thirty (130) people. In November, ISIS attacked different parts of Paris’ entertainment venues including cafes, Bataclan concert hall and the Stade de France stadium.


Stars and thousands of people are expected to visit the event which opens on Wednesday, May 11 and runs until May 22, 2016, Sunday. French authorities ramped up its security measure to make sure that no harm will be done to guests and visitors during the glitzy event.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that they are facing a risk that is higher than ever as they are about to open the festival and as he checks the security protocol. He also added that they must be extremely vigilant at all times particularly against an enemy who is determined to strike at any time.

The Hollywood Reporter said the Divid Lisnard Cannes Mayor warned that police will be carrying out random searches of people on the street for this year’s event. Lisnard told AFP news agency, “Cannes must be protected not because of the cocktail parties, but because it is a professional event of a high level which brings honour to France.”

France also announced stricter security for venues and plans to extend the state of emergency to cover the soccer tournament Euro 2016 which begins next month.

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