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French anti-piracy law back on the map with more serious sanctions

The senate of France has reportedly suggested that the national anti-piracy law, Hadopi, which was created by former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s office in 2009, be revised having serious sanctions and educational measures against software pirates.

According to the elaborated report on a proposed revision:

  • Offenders are fined after 2 warnings, skipping the court judgment. These fines average 100 Euros, according to BFMTV.
  • There will be an ‘independent sanction commission’ to fine the offenders and provide Hadopi with an additional 800,000 Euros budget to be able to start collecting IP addresses.
  • A black list of illicit websites transmitted to ISPs will be created.

This report has been reportedly accepted by key industry figures.

“The repressive, armed wing of rights holders, financed with public funding,” La Quadrature du Net, a French advocacy group, said hoping that the revision of the anti-piracy law will be implemented.

Meanwhile, people in the industry are excited on France’s culture minister Fleur Pellerin’s response to this proposal.

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