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Hatton & Berkeley and Maverick Eye to support UK Anti-Piracy Campaign

Hatton & Berkeley and Maverick Eye to support one of the biggest anti-piracy efforts in the UK. Together with international sales and distribution partners, the 2 notable companies will work together to tackle issues of digital piracy.

On its official press release published on, Hatton & Berkeley said:

“Hatton & Berkeley stands alongside our colleagues in an international operation that has so far yielded drastic reductions in streaming, torrenting, and illegal downloads across Europe.”


Left: Robert Croucher, managing director of Hatton and Berkeley; Right: Patrick Achache, Maverick Eye (in front of Hatton and Berkeley’s office in Central London)


Hatton & Berkeley is well-versed in UK tax services, corporate structuring, PCI/DSS compliance, company secretarial, and accountancy and telecoms. They are active on providing financial and administrative processes to different small and medium-sized enterprises; and Maverick Eye is the latest addition to their growing network.


Maverick Eye believes in the protection of creative works and trademarks against piracy in the digital world. The company provides court-tested reliable data and support for rights holders. With its recent association with Hatton & Berkeley, Maverick Eye will further expand its notable efforts to support enforcement and passionate advocacy in “the UK’s largest anti-piracy campaign ever”.

MaverickEye made headlines recently with the provision of data for Popcorn Time lawsuits in the US:

Its international efforts:


Piracy costs the UK economy about £500 million per year and countless jobs.  It is a significant threat to the ability of artists and creative people to bring new content to the public.

Since July this year, Hatton & Berkeley and Maverick Eye have been busy working with producers, lawyers, key industry figures, investors, partners, and supporters to develop a program to protect the industry and defend the UK cinema against rampant piracy online. The entertainment industry can expect even more from these experts as they continue the fight against piracy in the UK.

Patrick Achache, cofounder and consultant for Maverick Eye, said: “We look forward to supporting Hatton and Berkeley in their program in the UK.  Hatton and Berkeley understands the needs of their clients.  They understand the big picture.  Working with Robert (Croucher), we will be able to provide them with the support they need for efficiently and effectively dealing with the problems of piracy.”

image source: Wikipedia

image source: Wikipedia

In January 2015, MaverickEye UG delivered data for a court application of more than 6000 identities who illegally pirated the movie “The Company You Keep”. The UK campaign that Maverick Eye and Hatton and Berkeley will launch will be the largest in the UK since many years.

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