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Janna Ji Wonders Wins from Perspektive Deutsches Kino section

The Berlin International Film Festival launched “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship” in 2012 for Perspektive Deutsches Kino section’s 11th year. Funded by German watchmaker Glashütte Original, this EUR 15,000 fellowship award is given to a talented new filmmaker from Perspektive Deutsches Kino. The fellowship was conceived to support “emerging” German directors in developing a material, film project, and screenplay. All filmmakers who presented their films in this programme from the previous year can apply.

Made in Germany - Perspektive Fellowship 2016

(Image Source: www.berlinale.de)

This year, Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship goes to Janna Ji Wonders for her treatment Walchensee Forever (co-authored by Nico Woche). Members of the jury comprise of actress Sandra Hüller, screenwriter and director Ingo Haeb, and producer Martin Heisler. They selected Janna’s treatment from all the projects submitted because “In the treatment Walchensee Forever Janna Ji Wonders takes a loving, wise and close look at her own family history. And although the author is the daughter and granddaughter of the female protagonists, she does not get lost in the material. For us as the jury, this work exemplifies the desire to explore one’s family’s past even though such a process can be quite painful – it’s a bold project that will take the audience on an intimate journey.”

Janna Ji Wonders also received a trophy from Glashütte Original in addition to the prize money. She will be accompanied by a mentor when she continues working on her project.

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