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Kiwi Survey shows movie piracy is down

The 2015 New Zealand Cinema Census showed a detailed picture of viewing habits in a nationwide survey involving 1,650 movie-goers who were asked a range of questions.

The survey was commissioned by movie website, and according to their editor, Steve Newall, “the Cinema Census confirms some suspicions while also offering up surprises”.

Key Findings:

• decline in online piracy and DVD and Blu-ray viewing
• rise in consumption of legal online movie services
• decline in online content viewers from an illegal source

Newall says, “Interestingly, anti-piracy attitudes have softened … suggesting that this drop isn’t driven by ethical or moral considerations, but solely by content availability”.

He also notes “Overall, movie piracy may be in decline, but these findings suggest it is part of an increasingly diverse range of methods used by individual New Zealand film fans”.

Other Findings:

• regular cinema-goers remain similar to the 2011 survey – 60% versus 62%
• 82% of the respondents say that movie tickets are too expensive

When the respondents were asked how much cheaper would need to be to double Kiwi’s movie-going, nearly 2 in 3 replied $3-$5 less. If a wider population share these sentiments with $3 discount, it would suggest a possible annual increase to the New Zealand box office.

You may see the full results and selection of comments made by respondents at

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