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Largest pirate site in Portugal brought to an end

WarezTuga, the well-known site in Portugal which caters to illegal distribution of copyrighted films and TV shows declared that it was closing down, Torrent Freak reports.

Accordingly, the reason why it was closing down is that it had reached greater heights of popularity and that it became unmanageable.

“It is an extremely difficult decision for all of us, more than most can even imagine, but our work reached heights of popularity so high, it became absolutely impossible to continue to fight and to manage a project of such scale,” its operators said.

However, there was information coming out that the site was pressured by the movie industry locally and in the United States.

FEVIP, the local anti-piracy group, confirmed that it was one of the reasons behind the site’s closure. The group together with now-defunct anti-piracy outfit ACAPOR, who were acting in behalf of the United States, filed complaints against WarezTuga in May 2014.

“It was the pirate site most used in Portugal; even if others arise, at least this site has been taken down,” Paulo Santos, FEVIP chief said.

This is good news to the movie industry that’s really threatened by infringement of copyright.

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