November 9, 2015 me_charity

Maverickeye hand in hand with IP Arrow to promote legal content channels

Patrick Achache from Maverickeye (ME) is now working hand in hand with IP Arrow to expand and fully cover anti-piracy services. ME’s passion to protect titles/movies of copyright holders is even more emphasized with this new partnership that is primarily for the clients’ good.



The IP Arrow team tirelessly works to ensure copyrighted material is being monitored and removed using custom zero presence technology. They constantly push their limits to stay ahead of piracy and protect content properly.

On its official website, IP Arrow claims that the client’s content is their mission, and that through their technology, they can delete “pirated content which assists in promoting the proper revenue streams.”

Here are the specific services the company offers:

  • Usenet monitoring and removal services
  • Index site monitoring and removal requests
  • Google Bing Yandex and Baidu search engine removals
  • Live streaming monitoring and removal requests
  • Video sharing monitoring and removal requests
  • Advertising network awareness
  • Financial network awareness
  • Counterfeit financial monitoring
  • First alert service
  • Real-time torrent IP monitoring and ISP notification services



Maverickeye (ME) promotes detection and retraction of copyright infringements with the use of highly advanced software. We make it our job to protect your digital content. We also encourage old and new infringers to change their ways through the availability of legal options, like video-on-demand services, and eventually reduce piracy.

Aside from identifying alleged infringers in Peer-to-Peer networks and working with different law firms to file legal claims, ME also offers takedown services for search engines, torrent sites, and other online sources that contain infringed content. You can always request a free piracy analysis of your website by filling up our form here.

With the help of IP Arrow and other key players in copyright enforcement, ME’s upcoming anti-piracy invasion aims to target alleged pirates in the UK.

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