March 10, 2016 me_charity

Microsoft sues a Comcast subscriber for pirating its software

Microsoft filed a copyright infringement lawsuit at a federal court in Washington against a Comcast account holder or holders who activated illegal copies of its software from a Comcast internet connection. The pirated copies include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server and Office 10. The account that activated several pirated copies of Windows was identified by its in-house cyberforensics team that logs suspicious “activation patterns”.

The software company does not usually go after casual pirates but then it defined the limit. This case differs because Microsoft noticed that the single Comcast connection had a lot of suspicious activity. In its complaint, the multinational technology company writes, “Cyberforensics allows Microsoft to analyse billions of activations of Microsoft software and identify activation patterns and characteristics that make it more likely than not that the IP address associated with the activations is an address through which pirated software is being activated.”

While Microsoft have a cyberforensics department that analyses activation logs, which determines whether particular IP addresses are engaged in illegal copying, Maverickeye uses highly sophisticated software to detect copyright infringers. More and more copyright holders today are pushing enforcement efforts to prevent piracy.

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