April 7, 2016 me_charity

Nearly 400 members of the music industry call for DMCA reforms

The music industry has joined forces to fight piracy by demanding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to police online activities for instances of theft. Around 400 artists, songwriters, managers and music organizations are calling for reforms of the broken DMCA.

Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Steven Tyler and more musicians have filed petitions to the U.S. Copyright Office detailing their struggles with the “antiquated policies” and demanding reform to better “protect the future of the music industry, recording artists and songwriters,” according to a statement from the RIAA.

Three letters are included in the filings – one each from the music managers, creators and artists, and creators. As mentioned in the letter from the music managers “Today, the instant an infringing link is taken down, it is replaced by many more. It’s ‘whack-a-mole’ on steroids in which every time the mole is knocked down, two more pop up, then four, then eight.” While the artists and songwriters’ letter cites, “The next generation of creators may be silenced if the economics don’t justify a career in the music industry.”

The DMCA created “safe harbors” that assure internet platforms they are not accountable for the actions of their users. The Internet Association’s post reads “The laws strike a balance between facilitating free speech and creativity while protecting the interests of copyright holders. These smart laws allow people to post content that they have created on platforms — such as videos, reviews, pictures, and text. In essence, this is what makes the Internet great.”

This call for drastic reform is the biggest act the music industry has taken against DMCA yet. RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman commented, “I don’t recall a time when the entire music community has united behind an issue like it has this one – speaking with a collective voice for reform of the DMCA. This outdated and dysfunctional law has hurt everyone involved in creating music, from the newest emerging artists and songwriters to the global superstars, from the smallest labels and publishers to the biggest majors. I hope this unprecedented coming together will encourage policymakers to take the steps necessary to update this law and ensure the creative future of music.”

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