May 21, 2015 me_charity

New Florida law to fight online music piracy

Governor Rick Scott signed into “True Origin of Digital Goods Act” which is another tool for anti-piracy for the U.S. music industry. This Florida law will take effect on July 1st, and will require website owners or operators of online services that offer music or music video streaming and downloading to “clearly and conspicuously disclose” the alleged infringer’s name, physical address, and telephone number or email address.

“True Origin”

  • makes Floridians more informed consumers
  • allows Floridians “to protect themselves against websites that distribute” music content illegally
  • intends to help Florida’s music business
  • has national and global implication

This means the bill does not limit to Florida-based websites or services only. It also affects any website or service that distributes music or music videos to anyone in Florida. Chairman and CEO of the RIAA Cary Sherman believes that the Latin music labels have been hit the hardest by digital piracy and CD counterfeiting which resulted to  hundreds of dollars being shed.

This new bill leaves room for interpretation. Some may think that Florida’s True Origin threatens online anonymity by singling out individual speakers. However, the law removes any liability on internet service providers, domain name registration providers, mobile carriers and other parties that have products or services which may be involved in digital piracy. Video games as well as recording or streaming of video games are not included though. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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