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Norway: “The reason for the increase in piracy is Popcorn Time”

Norway joins the western countries which have reportedly been complaining against the software, Popcorn Time that facilitates illegal downloading of copyrighted material such as films and TV shows.

The report by a consultancy firm reveals that about 750,000 Norwegians are now getting videos from illegal sources, which is said to have increased by 17% compared to the previous year, doubling illegal consumption of streaming content.

“The reason for the increase in piracy is Popcorn Time,” said Willy Johansen, the chief of the Rights Alliance Norway.

Because of this, Norway now targets end users of the app.

“We have hoped for the longest time that we do not have to take on the end-user. But it is clear that if this does not stop, we will have no choice. Most people are now aware that they are doing something illegal, but many continue because ‘everyone else is doing it’, Johansen added.

This prevailing piracy issue has been creating threats to the film and TV industries and it is sad to know that it even got into a point where end users might be sued.

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