Maverickeye UG provides world-class surveillance of your intellectual property within the most prominent Peer-to-Peer networks (e.g. Bittorrent, Emule)
Our highly trained staff is able to identify, analyze, archive and document the illegal distribution of our clients copyrighted material.
Highly sophisticated software along, with Maverickeye UG‘s robust hardware infrastructure ensures quality, consistency and relevance of our data for the legal system.
Maverickeye UG can generate analytical, statistical and graphical reports for the users Peer-to-Peer networks download.
Maverickeye UG works very closely with several law firms focused on the protection of intellectual property and specialized in filing legal claims against people who infringe on your intellectual property.
We can also remove pirated content from search engines and torrent sites through our takedown services. Maverickeye offers piracy analysis as well as trademark and picture infringement detection.


Takedown Services

Maverickeye offers a cost-effective anti-piracy takedown service for law firms, private entities, and creative individuals. We target today’s top search engines and some of the widely used torrent and fire-sharing sites on the web. Our takedown notices will remove pirates from search results and put your online marketing efforts on the top.

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Why hire us?

  • Free analysis – We can give you an obligation-free piracy quotation.
  • Expert team – Contact us to talk with a legal expert who has a long and impressive background in the copyright industry.
  • No hidden fees – You can expect absolutely no set-up fees, annual contracts, and other hidden charges.
  • High-caliber technology – Maverickeye makes use of highly sophisticated software to detect and monitor piracy in the web.
  • Broad services – Detection of trademark infringement as well as picture infringement are just 2 of the anti-piracy services we can offer. We also send takedown notices for search engines, torrent sites, ISPs, video-sharing sites, file-sharing sites, forums, advertisements, auction sites, and e-commerce sites.

Our takedown process:

  • We identify the sites that contain your content.
  • We conduct human verification for the sending of takedown notices.
  • We send takedown notices to suspected sites.
  • We monitor the sites’ compliance and manage documentation reports.

Put your website on top! Remove pirates from search engine results!


Piracy Analysis


Maverickeye offers a free and customized piracy analysis! Call us now or request a quote through the form below.


Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide step-by-stepinstructions without being put on hold or waiting in line.