May 15, 2015 me_charity

PayPal freezes an account due to MPAA’s intellectual property complaint

The rise of technology has allowed people to shop online. For example, in eBay you can purchase all kinds of items using your preferred payment system like PayPal. However, PayPal is also used by many online workers to transfer funds from services, completed projects or donations.

Recently, PayPal was put under pressure due to the complaints from copyright holders. The latter told PayPal to restrict the income streams of websites and apps that trade in pirated content and other illegal material.  In effect, the website froze a particular account that turned out to be owned by Andrew Sampson, a software developer at Strike.

Strike is a new torrent search engine that indexes public torrents. Sampson added his personal PayPal account thinking that someone might want to donate; however, due to an intellectual property complaint from Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), PayPal freezes Sampson’s account.

As a result, he has to wait 180 days or 6 months before PayPal releases his funds, but Sampson claims that the majority of his earnings in his now-frozen account are from legitimate freelance work.

There are various methods to detect copyright infringements, and this “Follow the Money” anti-piracy strategy is an approach that will reduce the volume of advertising funds to websites that promote copyright infringement. In this PayPal intervention, the strategy seems to be working gradually. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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