May 28, 2015 me_charity

Polish police raided and shut down an online piracy network

After a long investigation, the Polish police raided a property of a “criminal group” involved in online piracy. Three men aged 24-33 years old accused of running unauthorized video distribution online were arrested in Wroclaw, Poland.

According to the police, they seized 14 computers, 13 external drives, 40 prepaid cards, and several mobile phones during the raid. It was not clear what particular sites were run from the pirates’ office but TorrentFreak pointed out that after the raid, two popular movie sites and have gone down.

In Poland, the police launched numerous actions against piracy sites with the aim to reduce the number of torrent networks in the country. The men arrested stand accused of money laundering offenses and copyright infringement, and now they face ten years in prison.

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