Cannes 2016 Opening Day

So many stars have already invaded the red carpet event and later into the night, the Cannes Film Festival has thrown them and the rest of the festival attendees a “Welcome Party”. This is the first time the invitation-only festival did this and it seemed like a good idea to get the minds of participants off the fear of terror attacks. It was definitely a lovely gesture from everyone at Cannes. Read more

Jacques Audiard's “Dheepan” wins Cannes’ top prize Palme d'Or

The Palme d’Or which is the top prize at Cannes goes to French director Jacques Audiard’s drama film “Dheepan”, which is a gritty drama about refugees fleeing post-civil war from Sri Lanka for a life in France. This French film seems to be sending a political message. Read more

Cannes’ organizers are worried about piracy problems

Everyone at Cannes got worried with the recent leak of spoilers on different social media platforms. The organizers in particular are concerned that people might share the films debuting at the Cannes Film Festival. Live streaming apps are creating concerns about sharing live footages from people’s smartphones. They may use tools like Periscope to illegally share the films debuting on the prestigious film festival. Read more


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