No internet subscriber is falsely accused in copyright infringement cases

Defender of copyright infringers Joe Hickster made it his mission to make people believe that movie pirates should not be penalized. In essence, he makes it seem okay for people to infringe copyrighted materials because they can get away with it. So basically, he’s one of the reasons why the entertainment business is struggling with piracy. Read more

Microsoft sues a Comcast subscriber for pirating its software

Microsoft filed a copyright infringement lawsuit at a federal court in Washington against a Comcast account holder or holders who activated illegal copies of its software from a Comcast internet connection. The pirated copies include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server and Office 10. The account that activated several pirated copies of Windows was identified by its in-house cyberforensics team that logs suspicious “activation patterns”. Read more

NJORD and Maverickeye to endorse awareness campaign in Finland

Maverickeye (ME) has just closed a new deal with NJORD, a Scandinavian law firm that specializes in data protection, intellectual property law, and many other areas, and has been ME’s partner law firm in Denmark for quite some time now. Together, the 2 companies aim to take over Finland and spread better awareness on copyright infringement. Read more


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