Well-known law firm accused Danes of downloading pirated content

According to a DR report, law firm Opus has sent letters to citizens of Denmark (Danes) for downloading pirated movies using online services. They are ordered to pay up to 2,000 kroner (about $300) of fines or end up facing jail time. Opus is representing clients who own the rights to the materials being downloaded. Read more

Sky customers to pay for allegedly pirating "The Company You Keep"

As a legal firm that advocates the unlawfulness of online copyright infringement, TCYK LLC has taken matters into its hands by sending letters to Sky broadband customers who allegedly pirated the Robert Redford film “The Company You Keep”, which starred Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon and Shia LaBeouf.
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Cannes’ organizers are worried about piracy problems

Everyone at Cannes got worried with the recent leak of spoilers on different social media platforms. The organizers in particular are concerned that people might share the films debuting at the Cannes Film Festival. Live streaming apps are creating concerns about sharing live footages from people’s smartphones. They may use tools like Periscope to illegally share the films debuting on the prestigious film festival. Read more

The Internet Security Task Force calls to end “six strikes” scheme

Last month, a new coalition called the Internet Security Task Force (ISTF) was formed to tackle the increasing piracy threat. The group is composed of smaller movie studios including Voltage Pictures, Bloom, FilmNation Entertainment, Sierra/Affinity and Millennium Films. It is poised to be more aggressive than the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Read more


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