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Team Pandaga Chesko’s daring strategy to kill piracy

For more than a decade now, film piracy has been destructing collections of Friday releases. To kill piracy, producers, distributors and even the police tried all efforts but failed terribly. And with the rise of the high bandwidth, this online piracy problem just continues to increase. However, after many attempts to curb piracy, one producer is brave enough to try a daring strategy.

Pandaga Chesko is an action-romance film that has been running successfully even on weekdays. With the team wanting to control the possibility of their film being pirated, the film’s star Ram Pothineni tweeted “PLS NOTE: We just released some Fake Pirated links of #PandagaChesko online with a VIRUS..Please be aware ppl…Love :)”

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Makers of the film may or may not have done what Ram has tweeted but it sure saved them lakhs of rupees from downloaders who gave up on their plan to download the film. This strategy may not kill piracy en masse but it’s better than nothing. The film industry should learn from this smart yet dangerous move and try to be more innovative in controlling piracy. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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