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The Little Prince is coming to Cannes Film Festival

Later this month, the animated tribute to the French literary classic “The Little Prince” will premiere in Cannes Film Festival, which is known as the largest international showcase of cinematic art.

For the first time, many young fans will be introduced to this international bestseller that was first published in 1943. It is the famous work of writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry who is a French aristocrat, poet, and pioneering aviator.

Many savvy publishers have taken advantage of “The Little Prince” and now it has already gathered a huge following in Turkey. When the copyright of the book expired in many parts of the world, the Turkish publishers got excited.

The Little Prince and Turkey

  • Turkish bookstores have the selection spilling off the shelves.
  • Saint-Exupéry writes of a Turkish astronomer wearing a traditional Ottoman hat called fez.
  • Early in the story, there’s a Turkish character which is probably one of the reasons why Turks love the classic tale.
  • There’s a section in the book that’s a bit controversial where Saint-Exupéry refers to the former President of Turkey Atatürk as a dictator.

Novelist and essayist from Istanbul Kaya Genç said it is “a very interesting situation” in that “Atatürk wants to change the way people dress, he wants to Westernize them. But then along comes a Western author who says this is a dictatorial thing to do.”

Canadian audiences will have to wait until later this year to see the new film frames of the Turkish President who took away his fez and the famous astronomer. Hopefully, there would not be illegal distribution of copyrighted film.



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