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Theatre employees offered cash for cammers caught in the act

If you’re a cinema worker in the UK, you have until June 30 to catch illegal cammers in the act and receive up to 1000 British pounds ($1500).

Upping the ante of rewarding

Theatres are the front liners in the battle against bootlegging pre-release films. As such, it’s common practice for UK film distributors and the Federation Against Copyright Theft program to reward movie theatre workers with cash if they report cammers to the police. Now, they have increased the maximum cash reward to 1000 pounds, which is a lot for low-wage workers.

False alarms

While its excellent news for well-meaning workers to be rewarded for ensuring bootleggers will get the punishment they deserve, some of them have been too overzealous in judging criminal behavior. For instance, in December 2014, a UK movie theater worker called the police after seeing a group of 12-year-old girls using iPhones and iPads in a Hunger Games screening. Eventually, the police search turned up nothing after the girls were pulled out of the movie, and were reportedly in tears as they left.


Great cash rewards may motivate theatre workers to catch more intellectual property thieves, but it’s also worth noting its impact to moviegoers if they are falsely accused of illegal camming. Here’s simple advice to moviegoers: “If you don’t want the police to be called over just because your texting was mistaken as camming, then remember the age-old rule of the theater experience – don’t use your electronic gadgets during the show.” Your fellow theater goers will thank you for it. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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