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Tinsel actor Gideon Okeke expresses his views about film piracy

Who is Gideon Okeke? Many may not know him but he got a shot into limelight in his participation at the Big Brother Africa Nigeria Show. Gideon has a different acting style, and he is part of an MNET soap called Tinsel.

In an interview, Gideon was asked if piracy was favouring the actors, not the producers. He answered, “Piracy affects everyone at the end of the day. Because at some point it’s not about acting it to let people know what we do professionally. It’s not just about going into play and getting your money. At some point as you grow bigger you want to sell a film; you want to be on a film that sells, you want to be the face that sells it. If it’s pirated it does bad for producer, cleaner, actor, everybody. Because your success isn’t individual, your success is tied to a lot of people success.”

Gideon also added that piracy is a global thing. It is everywhere. His sincere advice is providing severe penalty for those who are caught infringing copyrighted material. He said the industry is still growing, and that people should get the film from the proper distribution channel. He believes that if people get their stuff at a legitimate store, it will at least help reduce the number of people buying pirated copies.

When asked if there are laws against piracy, he answered “Yes there has been a law but it’s not being enforced. It’s an intellectual property right, which is also the aim of all of these to get people more aware of intellectual property rights, distribution rights and all the things down the line. Your work is what feeds you. Shakespeare died but is still leaving but that is not the case in the Nigeria system.”

Gideon Okeke is one of the actors who support film copyrights. This just shows that copyright infringement affects everyone, even actors. They, too, want to stop the illegal distribution of copyrighted film. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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