March 25, 2016 me_charity

Torrents Time poses security risks for users

Torrents Time is a file-sharing technology which enables illegal distribution of copyrighted materials, including TV series and movies. It is a computer installable program and a web browser add-on that is already integrated into two of the most popular torrent websites – The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents. It lets you stream torrents if you don’t want to download a separate client. The plugin works with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

In the web page, the program is trying to run a whole torrent client using a service that can lead to some serious security issues. According to Software Developer Andrew Sampson who studied the program, the way it works can cause vulnerabilities. He posted in his blog how dangerous it can be for the users. The problem was also written in Softpedia.

Other concerns include:

  • Battery life can be fried from continuous running of the program in the background on your computer
  • CPU can have a bug that could potentially be an indicator of a more serious coding flaw

This covers more than just copyright protection. All things considered, the plugin is not worth the effort. Besides the legal problems, users are exposed to many hazards like computer crash as well as user identification and tracking from ads. Using the plugin basically poses a threat to the user’s safety.

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