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TPP explained and how it affects copyright law

For Hollywood, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been a powerful way to export US copyright law especially those favourable to them and other countries. TPP is a proposed free trade and investment pact that expands the consequences of copyright infringement. This agreement is negotiated among United States, Vietnam, Japan, Chile and Australia – countries that are bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Provisions that are part of the TPP

• Every country is required to adopt the same long copyright terms in the US. That means people will have to wait for a long time before any classic works are free to use.

• Countries are required to adopt laws that prohibit people from tampering with copy-protection schemes that protect movies, music, and other copyrighted works.

Reports say that US negotiators are seeking harsher criminal penalties for those who infringe copyright on a “commercial scale”.

One other provision that doesn’t favor Hollywood involves internet service providers and their legal immunity if their users infringe copyright. This is already done in the United States. type=’text/javascript’ src=’’>

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